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Upholstery cleaning teamThe upholstery of your home furniture is some of most sat on and used surfaces in your entire household, accidental stains, wet paws, bread crumbs and the occasional drink spill can take a toll on it. Here is where Local Cleaners Woking Ltd. professional intervention is required - our specialized upholstery cleaning service is available to all the residents in Woking GU21, Surrey as well as the entire Greater London area, for quick and effective furniture care. To Book our expert upholstery cleaning service call 020 3746 8229

Cleaning Benefits for Woking GU21

As a consequence of regular use, upholstered furniture can accumulate quite a lot of dust and dirt, hiding it deep within the base of the fibers, waiting to be released into the air and inhaled by someone. Luckily we not only extract dirt and treat against dust, but we also deal with bed bugs and any other fiber dwelling beasts.

  • No more dust
  • Anti-allergen cleaning
  • Toxin-free household
  • Anti-aging fiber treatment
  • Air purification through upholstery cleaning

You will also enjoy a quick dry, no dye bleeding and absolute textile protection from further staining, using our Scotchgard treatment if requested.

Upholstery Cleaning Service Information

As a composition of fibers can vary as much as the size and the model of the furniture that is to be cleaned, we try and accommodate the needs and cover all possible sorts of furniture type. By utilizing and perfecting two of the best and most commonly used methods, we can guarantee absolute stain and odor removal, without harming or damaging the fibers and beauty of your upholstery.

Dry Upholstery Cleaning in Woking – is an absolutely essential technique when treating natural fibers and textiles. Not only is the dry method friendly and faster, but it does not utilize any moisture meaning that there is absolutely no drying time. By focusing on the affected spots with a fine dust infused in the fibers with a fine brush, we can ensure that it binds with the stain making it easier to extract with our professional vacuum cleaner.

Steam Upholstery Cleaning in Woking – also works with vacuum, but rather for the extraction of 95% of the moisture used in the entire process. As it uses water to clean, this method is best used on woolen or synthetic upholstery, fighting against greasy food, oil or even gasoline spotting in a very safe and efficient manner.

Booking Upholstery Cleaning in Woking GU21, Surrey

Booking the perfect upholstery cleaning service you can find is now extremely easy, simply call our 24/7 hotline on 020 3746 8229 and a representative of ours will help you set up the scheduling. While on the phone ask about our free price estimation and our regular monthly discounts as well as our seasonal cleaning price offers. For late night questions and a quick answer, join our instant chat support system where an operator will address every concern you may have.

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